The Atlantic Wall: Hitler's Coastal Fortress from the Arctic to the Pyrenees

An exhibition of 140 digital prints of the Atlantic Wall at the Royal Geographical Society, 1 Kensington Gore, London SW7. Open until June 20th.

Hitlers Atlantic Wall - a chain of concrete fortifications built between 1940-44 stretching some 3,000 miles from arctic Norway to the Spanish border - is without doubt the largest construction project in human history to have been completed in so short a time.

'Ianthe Ruthven's stylish and powerful - even compelling - photographic record of the Wall shows up all its intricacies as well as its gigantism: the overwhelming, bare and void structures with which Hitler's miscalculations littered the west of Europe'. Joseph Rykwert


The Atlantic Wall book

The Atlantic Wall book, with a foreward by Joseph Rykwert, shows 'compellingly beautiful' images of the Wall from north-east Norway to the Spanish frontier.

72 pages long and measuring 280mm x 215mm it is priced at £15 for the UK (incl: postage and packing) and £21 for the US.

Please contact Ianthe Ruthven at:


Animal London

Published in paperback by Random House October 2011

Dragons guarding gateways, elephants in parks, monsters on gables - meet the animals that hide amidst our iconic London landscape...


A London Bestiary

An exhibition of 64 digital prints at the National Theatre, October, 2010. (36 shown here).

London boasts a veritable menagerie of animals, some familiar, others unknown. This exhibition pays tribute to the exuberance and imagination of architects and sculptors through the ages.


Unfamiliar Thames

An exhibition of 54 digital prints at the National Theatre, 2007.

Though a mere 215 miles long from its source to the estuary, the Thames is probably the most celebrated river in the world. These images eschew the iconic landmark monuments along its way and focus instead on off-beat details, revealing the familiar in unexpected ways.


Sea-snails Dancing

As exhibited at Martin Summers Fine Art, London, 2006.

These images of sea-snail and limpit trails at low tide evoke a host of different morphologies, from the shapes of distant galaxies to the flow of Arab calligraphy.

"Their effect is made extraordinary by the focus of Ruthven's gaze, the bewildering variation in scale, and most important, the multiplication of imagery into grids." ARTnews


Multiple Images

Composite photographic constructions as shown at Lefevre Gallery, 2002, and other venues.

My aim is to enhance the effects of rhythm and movement. What seems to work for landscape has suggested new ways of approaching architectural forms.

"These splendid photographs achieve what all good art aspires to - they make us look with fresh eyes at things we think we know already." Roger Graef


Interiors and Gardens

Architectural Digest, The World of Interiors and other magazines and books in Britain, Europe, Japan and the United States. Ianthe has also published 2 books of interiors, ' The Irish Home ' (1998) and ' The Scottish House ' (2000).

"Her rare talent for capturing the richness of an interior will appeal to everybody with an eye for colour and originality." Country Life

All Irish, Scottish and American colonial interiors are available through The Interior Archive: Tel: +44 020 221 0022. Email:


River Seine

Work in progress