Composite photographic constructions as shown at Lefevre Gallery, 2002, and other venues.

One-person Exhibitions

  • 1996 Cadogan Contemporaries, London, SW3
  • 1996 Erco Lighting Ltd, Albemarle Street, London, W.1
  • 1998 Dean Clough Galleries, Halifax, Yorkshire – (Photo98)
  • 2002 The Lefevre Gallery
  • 2006 Martin Summers Fine Art Ltd

My aim is to enhance the effects of rhythm and movement. What seems to work for landscape has suggested new ways of approaching architectural forms.

I came to construct composite images out of a sense of frustration with the single photograph as a means of conveying the experience of landscape. Instead of using the lens as a window, I am trying to convey the sense of being inside the landscape, by juxtaposing different but related images of the same subject.

“These splendid photographs achieve what all good art aspires to – they make us look with fresh eyes at things we think we know already.” – Roger Graef